Day 5

5.01: Morning. The World Service keeps reminding me that “it’s 4am GMT.” Which makes me feel like its even deeper into the dead of night than it actually is. Still, “the night brings wisdom,” is what the Madagascans say – or that’s what I remember. I’m my case, it mainly brings backache and a vague sense of unbalance. Maybe that’s wisdom. When Dr Faustus summoned Mephistopheles to tell him the secrets of the universe it turned out he already knew everything except the fact that he knew everything. But that can’t be true in my case – for one thing, I wouldn’t know where to start conjuring a demon.

6.18: I seem to start slowly, but then hit my stride between about 5.30 and quarter past 6. After that the lethargy kicks back in. I think a contributing factor is that I’m plotting two parallel stories, and I’m much more confident about one than the other. More research may be indicated.

6.55: After the first week, things are going ok. The good news is the I can see a blurry outline of what might, with strong spectacles, harden into the big picture. The bad news is that the sheer amount of colouring in, and the minuscule neatness you have to do it with, is quite head-spinning.

Goodnewsflash: While I was just typing a remark about how one of my storylines has a rather flat ending, I had a minor epiphany about how to give it a little fizz. Hopefully this blog will turn out to be a creative Sodastream, carbonating the un-bubbly water of my imaginings.

~ by David Thorley on October 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Day 5”

  1. I find the colouring in is best done by demons. Start drawing pentagrams and sacrificing goats: you’re bound to get the hang of it eventually.

    • The link I gave for conjuring demons seems to give a fairly comprehensive guide to how it’s done. But, as it says, there are potential ill-consequences:

      “~WARNING!~ This information is for educational purposes only! I do not suggest that you attempt to do any of the following conjuration’s unless you are a well experienced Magician/Sorcerer. For the inexperienced it can lead to Demonic possession and or many other bad things!”

      Keep commenting. Comments are good. WordPress tells me how many clicks I get, but comments mean someone actually reads it.

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