Day 7

5.02: Woken ten minutes before the alarm by foxes scrabbling around and shrieking in the garden. They probably have more pressing concerns than novel writing and romantic sub plots, but there’s no need to make such a song and dance about it. Reminds me of what Ted Hughes said about the howling of wolves, which:

Is without world.

What are they dragging up and out on their long leashes of sound

That dissolve in the mid-air silence?

What indeed. If you haven’t got a workable idea for how to introduce an steady eyed young girl to a deserting soldier, then don’t impinge on my sleep. And get a haircut.

6.48: No help from the foxes on my plotting difficulties, but they do seem to be unraveling a little (the difficulties, not the foxes). As WS Gilbert said, “quiet calm deliberation disentangles every knot.”

In other animal-related news, a man in Norway has been apprehended by customs  attempting to smuggle a bunch of snakes into the country under his shirt. He had lizards in his socks and a tarantula in his suitcase – probably ferrets in his trousers too (although obviously your true lover of the genus mustela, would never submit a creature to such indignity).

~ by David Thorley on October 27, 2009.

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