What I did on my holidays

There can’t be a city in the world more pumped with testosterone and silicone than Miami. It’s like a great boil-in-the-bag casserole of sexual juices coddled in a stewpot of fake tan and swimwear. I could get used to it.

Given that these are notionally bulletins from the underslept I should point out that I left my flat in London about 32 hours ago and have so far spent only three of those asleep. I may be delirious, which means that the giant half-naked people I saw jogging along South Beach in their droves yesterday may have been hallucinations. Which is just as well because they looked like  Panzer tanks in Speedoes.

Dinner at the Versace mansion tonight. Life takes you on some mighty strange journeys.

~ by David Thorley on October 29, 2009.

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