What I did on my holidays #2

I don’t know if it’s just Halloween, or it could be something they slip in your pork balls, but everyone in Miami seems to have gone stark staring bonkers in the nut.

The taxi drivers look to be running some high level credit card sting operation, which is all well and good – American dream, land of opportunity and all that – but I’d feel more comfortable if they could at least do it some time when they’re not driving a cab. I’m pretty sure that punching numbers into the PIN machine on your lap and talking on your mobile while trucks and buses come streaming in the other direction would be at least a minor fault in the UK driving test. But maybe standards have slipped since I did mine.

Then you’ve got the women who seem to be paid to make every bar of whatever repute appear to be a strip club, the men brandishing snakes, and sweet lord the plastic surgery: people so tucked, nipped and pumped you could melt them down and rent them out as bouncy castles.

Now so tired I’m losing the power of speech, thought, movement, probably digestion too – just sitting in a corner vibrating manically like a broken clockwork toy. I’ve underslept myself into an evolutionary backwards step.

~ by David Thorley on October 31, 2009.

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