Day 11

5.04: One of the saddest sights I’ve ever seen lives about ten doors down from me. Lord knows what sort of domestic warfare broke out, but someone’s tether was snapped, and they chucked out their piano like an adulterous spouse. Perhaps they caught it having it’s ivories tinkled by some toyboy or bimbo not a week out of Guildhall.

Now it just sits on their driveway, like Electra (in Sophocles’ version at least) collecting drizzle and wondering if it will ever be allowed indoors again.

I walk past it every day, and each morning it looks more exposed and broken than the one before. To begin with, it was all shut up with its lid closed, trussed and wrapped like a Siberian night watchman. Then later, someone had opened it up to expose the keys (I hope some passing drunk had thrashed out a tune – a verse or two perhaps of ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ to remind Clytemnestra and Aegisthus indoors of their crimes). Later still, the bottom front panel had come off, and the wind was gusting into its pedal strings.

This morning I woke up wondering how it had fared through the weekend, and which strips of its dignity will have been rudely torn off. I did take a photograph with my phone, which I’d post here, except I can’t make the damnable thing talk nicely to my computer. They’re like squabbling brothers with an inconvenient age gap, and me the out-of-touch parent.

6.30: Much as it pains me to keep linking to the Daily Mail, the nation’s favourite organ of foaming reactionary claptrap does seem to be well ahead of the rest of our media in reporting breakfast news (that’s developments in the field of breakfast; not Breakfast News). Apparently, drinking eight cups of tea a day makes you less likely to suffer strokes and heart attacks. This is excellent news for all of us who rise at 5am and need caffeine to survive like a lily needs chlorophyll. Not sure why it’s adorned with a picture of Roy Hodgson.

6.55: A good morning’s work: I battered away at the keyboard only breaking to note the snippet about tea-drinking. Things achieved; targets met; blue-sky ideas work-shopped all the way up the flagpole.

~ by David Thorley on November 9, 2009.

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  1. […] prefer it if there was some sort of continuity to these bulletins – an update on the piano of Day 11’s twilit ruminations. Yesterday (sinisterly bin day) the piano was gone. This brings visions […]

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