Day 13

5.01: Crikey, Day 13 and Friday 13th bearing down on us from only two days into the future: Well bollocks to that. Unlucky for some? Yeah? Come and get me falling anvil.

I’m reminded of the joke about the bingo caller. Two fat ladies: 88. One fat lady and her hideously deformed friend: 83.

Nothing to do with luck but the steamroller of market forces – I was reading this on the Hammersmith & City into work yesterday morning. Apparently, thanks to Waterstones and its cronies, “There’s been a slow bonfire of literary authors in the last 18 months. Publishers are sending out to pasture established literary novelists because they realise they aren’t going to be sold by the chains.”

And the anvil rebounds from the crown of my head; and a laughable bump is beginning to sprout.

6.36: In some good news for creative publishing, it sounds like the winners of the Roald Dahl funny prize are rather exciting. This is especially encouraging as I’ve just about had my fill of the “Ogres Ruin Wizards’ GCSE Chances” shtick. Having said that, I’m a bit confused about what The Times thinks postmodernism means. Fair enough – I’m confused about what I think it means too, and it wasn’t them that introduced the idea that these are postmodern books – but I’m not sure they’re doing anyone (readers, writers, publishers) any favours by daubing the term around so vaguely and liberally.

6.50: Progress slow and slight, but progress still. Still readjusting my sights after the shift from combat with the bazooka of narrative shape to the peashooter of dialogue and description.


~ by David Thorley on November 11, 2009.

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