Day 14

5.03: Welcome to There Before Light’s first outside broadcast coming to you from Cambridge, thanks to the technical assistance of Tom Catchesides, photographer and purveyor of venison casserole and films about ethereal Icelandic music. How terribly GMTV this all is.

I’ll keep it brief this morning as there are trains back to London to be caught, but – for those readers who would prefer it if there was some sort of continuity to these bulletins – an update on the piano of Day 11‘s twilit ruminations. Yesterday (sinisterly bin day) the piano was gone. This brings visions of its being hauled off to some bleak industrial site and disposed of, and me like Woody Allen in Manhattan Murder Mystery snooping round that old crushing machinery on the trail of clues.

“Or someone might have taken it,” said Tom, eternally optimistic. Or I suppose the jealous owner that booted it out might have had a change of heart and wheeled it back into the bosom of his drawing room. Further sleuthing may be called for.

6.30: Well that’s quite enough of that for today. But the good news is There Before Light works anywhere before light, (though having to catch a train into London does eat into your writing time). Still we have what is pretty much a chapter. Huzzah.  Which reminds me (huzzah being a rough transliteration of the Hindi word for thousand), I’ve got Hindi school tonight and I haven’t done my homework.  There’s always something.

~ by David Thorley on November 12, 2009.

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