Day 17

5.01: Shall I tell you what isn’t first rate preparation for rising at 5am to take your daily walk on the literary travelator? Watching a Michael Haneke film isn’t. Go and see The White Ribbon, and try getting a good night’s sleep after that Caesar salad of austerity and malevolence. Nietzsche, who used to burble about how when you stare into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you, had never watched a Michael Haneke film. You don’t have to be staring at The White Ribbon to have it gaze back; it follows you home and watches you in the shower. It can see into your brain and laser out your thoughts with its eyes. You may as well get a wholesale lobotomy but, in Michael Haneke’s One Stop Surgical Shop, you also get your brain jammed back in upside down, just in time for you to shake yourself into a confused sort of consciousness so as not to miss when things start getting really fucking sinister.

But do go and see it. Just be prepared afterwards to spend a night staring at the ceiling, where all you can see is the souls of children chewing quietly on each other’s fleshy remnants.

Anyway, morning everyone.

6.51: This rising early, and the general enormousness of the whole deal, is starting to take its toll. Still have to press on, like Luke Skywalker at that bit in Empire Strikes Back when – having basically beaten the kid to a quivering pulp – Darth Vader starts chucking consumer durables at him. Hang in there; dodge the flying tumble driers; and hope someone picks you up when you’re dangling off the bottom of the space station.

~ by David Thorley on November 17, 2009.

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