Haitus #2

There Before Light has gone on indefinite but not permanent hiatus. Burglars stole my computers, which will hinder the blogging and novel writing processes in roughly equal measure.

Having said that, my new computer seemed to be virtually sentient, and – though it’s probably been sold into temporary  slavery serving drinks on Jabba the Hut’s barge – maybe it has wit to bust out and totter home like a cross between ET and Evil Edna.

The other one’s an old man, and probably won’t notice that it’s dwinling away its retirment years in some Taliban-choked cave, instead of a stately home in the Cotswolds.

The possibilities for an insurance claim don’t look at all promising, so until alternative arrangements can be made, follow me please into novel-writing purgatory with my assurance that we will emerge in heaven, sooner or later. Or if not heaven, at least the internet.

~ by David Thorley on December 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Haitus #2”

  1. Arse! Sorry to hear that.

  2. […] week has been pretty shambolic and unproductive. And my inertia is all the more shaming considering what happened to David on Wednesday night: burglars broke into his flat and stole not only his brand new, days-old iMac […]

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