There Before Light (Nearly) Rides Again

Oft in danger, oft in woe. There Before Light is hobbling towards its bruised, battered return.

By hooked means and crooked, with finagling and cobbling, I’ve assembled a sort of Heath Robinson steam-powered PC, from old calculators and bits of fax machine. In a triumph for recycling and modern science, it’s powered entirely by the static electricity that’s generated when my trousers snaggle the hair on my legs. Of course, this also heralds a new dawn for home security, as burglars, to get their hands on the goods, will now have to shave me and steal my trousers.

Take that Adversity. You’ll think twice before messing with the Mother of Invention again.

Having said that the damned thing won’t connect to the internet. Not for love nor money, not for 72 virgins, not for all the tea in China, not for a Dairy Lea slice.

Anyway, you’ll doubtless be pleased to hear that I’m at least back in the swing of the 5am starts, and have now safely rewritten the 2,000 words that the burglars stole. You just won’t get to hear about what I get up to  during le crépuscule du matin, until someone can penetrate the poker-faced wall of silence my computer’s thrown up, like a cantankerous yokel refusing to direct my lost ass to the museum.

~ by David Thorley on January 4, 2010.

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