Day 50

5.02: Police are looking for a clown in his mid forties. Presumably Happy, the career-burglar with circus makeup permanently tattooed onto his face, opted for a life in crime after failing his circus fast-track promotion scheme exams. I’ve never condescended to a picture before, but a good one’s worth a thousand words, they say, so look at this pillock.

“The guy said he could still see from under the blanket though, and he described one of them as having ‘clown eyes.’ “[The victim] said he knew him as ‘Happy,’ because he had been staying there with him until recently.”

So with a face as memorable as an advertising jingle, he broke into a building he had recently been staying in, while his former co-inhabitant was at home. You’d think there’s a good chance he’ll be identified, wouldn’t you? And besides that there’s the fact that his car fell apart when he got to the scene of the crime, and he entered the building up a ladder that turned into a see-saw.

Anyone with information on Pete’s whereabouts can call the Ogden Police Department at 801-629-8221.

It’s a fair bet, I’d say, that he lives by a freeway in one of those little stripy road workers’ tents, with 30 other clown burglars, and they entertain traffic jams by all filing out in an unending queue of idiots. In stolen trousers.

6.51: Another adequate morning, but it never really feels like any meaningful chiselling has been done to great marble slab of the unwritten story. Michelangelo said that sculpting David was simply a matter of starting with the stone, and chipping away the bits that weren’t David. Applying the metaphor, it feels at the moment like I’m spending mostly my mornings trimming David’s pubis, while his head and heart remain entombed in white rock.

Anyway, happy Holi everyone.

~ by David Thorley on March 1, 2010.

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