Day 70

5.03: No man, except perhaps Brian Harvey, is run over several times by his own car, so it stands to reason that Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered.

That was in 1975, and teenage rentboy Giuseppe “Pino” Pelosi was arrested for the killing. He confessed and was sent to jail for the best part of a decade.

Twenty years later Pelosi wrote a book about the murder called Io, Angelo Nero [I, Dark Angel] but five years ago he retracted his confession saying he had owned up to the crime, only under the threat of physical violence to his family.

Now, former Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni has written to  Italy’s Justice Minister Angelino Alfano to request that the case be reopened.

Do read his letter (the article I’ve linked to’s translated into English); it’s a story worthy of a Paolo Sorrentino movie. The investigation, says Veltroni, “was riddled with holes,” the back-story doused in political violence and laced with blackmail.

He even knows how to conjure a scene with breadth and detail, and to switch between the two as if focusing a telescopic lens:

By the time police arrived in the early morning, rubberneckers were milling round the body. Shortly afterwards, a game of football would begin on the neighbouring playing field. Every so often, the ball would bounce onto the crime scene and a helpful officer would kick it back. Evidence was lost, particularly tyre and footprints.

Thought for the day: “Today, the truth that interests us is not so much judicial as historical,” says Veltroni. Historical truth, la verità storica, hmm; from his obvious flare with story-telling, my guess is he values la verità narrativo and la verità poetico pretty highly too.

6.57: The blank sheet of a new chapter’s always a bit daunting, like staring down at a tiny paddling pool from a rickety high board. But I conquered my vertigo this morning and jumped off, and the descent seems to be going ok. “How you fall doesn’t matter,” says Hubert in La Haine. “It’s how you land.” Not according to this amusing and well-written article, which explains how to fall from an aeroplane and land for the best. Hopefully, I’m tumbling according to its prescriptions.

~ by David Thorley on March 31, 2010.

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