Day 86

4.59: Hugo wriggled his hands at the ends of his arms to free them from his Superman pyjama sleeves. Frying in in the glare of his computer screen he started to type.

I invite Evo…”

His Mother’s voice was worrying from behind his door.

“Hugo, I can see the light and hear you typing. Go to bed. It’s late.”

Hugo sighed theatrically and harrumphed. Defiantly he clicked his mouse, and fired his message into glittering cyberspace. But he’d already logged out, shut down, and flicked off his monitor before he dared talk back.

“But Mother, I’m the President.”

“You can talk to your friends in the morning. Now bed: you’ve got some very important oil companies to expropriate in the morning.”

The screen light died, and Hugo bounced from the swivel chair at his fitted computer station to the solar system duvet on his bed, and snuggled happily into the covers.

“Good night, darling,” the voice of his Mother sang from outside.

“Nigh night, Mummy,” Hugo called back, his mind already skipping forward to the morning, a huge bowl of Cheerios, and the messages he’d swap with Evo.

5.31: Strangest typo of the book so far: “…horses drifting one way, and tides of people bumping up against them. The cloud of ducks they all kicked up…”

6.57: Back on course (sort of – but with a good lot of covering my tracks do to now), though word count still in the doldrums. Still, something like resolution is approaching, which is encouraging. But it’s a hailstorm of balls to be keeping in the air. Last night I woke up worrying about where all the characters were sleeping: turned out I’d left someone in a taxi.

~ by David Thorley on April 30, 2010.

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