Day 88

5.00: When you click the link at the end of this blog, you’d better get your mind-deboggling goggles on.

Set eyeballs to ogle? Right.

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London. It’s a newfangled tangle of streets and quadrangles. Spangled with squiggles, and strangled with scribbles, and snuggled with crannies smuggling secrets. Spreadeagled for miles and clogged up with details.

Like this:

Where I last got my head caught in the closing doors of a tube train. Ow!


You must do things properly here or you will get complaints.

Commingling gaggles and huddles of history, caboodles of memories and clots of celebrities.

What am I gabbling about?


6.55: Finish line hoving into view: only a thousand or so more words, I think, and I’ll be punching in the final full stop. Hopefully tomorrow morning. But then there’s going to be a whole bunch of taxidermy to make this flabby animal stand up. There may not be enough sand in the world.


~ by David Thorley on May 5, 2010.

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