Day 89

5.02: Welcome everyone to the therebeforelight election special.

Except it’s not that special is it. For one thing, the chances are you have no say in this whatsoever. There’s, what?, 650 seats up for grabs, and nearly 400 of them were decided before polling began, before the polls closed, even before the Manic Street Preachers went shit.

Then there’s the problem that the differences between the three major parties are so marginal you could barely run a gnat’s pube between them. On this score, the Lib Dems have a small advantage because they at least want to do something about the first problem.

So if you will insist on voting for one of three parties which are bouncing from broadly similar ideological trampolines, turning broadly similar economic and policy somersaults, the Lib Dems seem a reasonable bet.

But I don’t much care if you don’t vote for them.

The Tories are ahead in the polls but I’m not sure I’ve yet met anyone who admits to planning to vote for them. Which they shouldn’t. And not for any profound ideological reason.Don’t vote for them because – taken in the round – the Tories are less nice.

All three parties have a few candidates so analgesically anodyne they might as well just have put up a smiley face drawn on a paper plate attached to a helium balloon. The main crime of any of these people is being a moron.

The same cannot be said (the incidentally rather litigious) Tony Baldry, incumbent for the Tories in Banbury, who is also a QC and barrister to the former governor of Delta State, James Ibori. This is a man who – in the words of my friend Olly, a man who knows about such things – is “possibly the most corrupt man in Nigeria, bankroller of the former president, twice criminally convicted in the UK, currently on the run in a swamp somewhere in the Niger Delta.”

Well, even corrupt scumbags are entitled to legal representation, and – acting in his capacity as a QC not an MP, Baldry is at pains to point out – he (Baldry) has written to British government apparently arguing that charges against Ibori should be dropped as it is not in the interests of the British government to pursue them.

Baldry denies this was his argument. And quite right too. We all know the only interest a lawyer’s duty bound to protect is his client’s.

Craig Murray takes the speculation an interesting step further here.

So run out and vote. Vote for whoever you please. But maybe vote for someone who seems nice. It’s safer like that.

6.54: And that’s a draft. Let’s not dwell on it. A day off tomorrow, I think, to recover from election night hi-jinx, then business as usual: back to chapter one on Monday. Or maybe somewhere in the middle.

~ by David Thorley on May 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Day 89”

  1. Tony is my MP. He is a nice chap in person and does seem to work for his constituents. He was very involved in saving our local hospital and finally is helping us try and stop the incinerator that is being built.

    However on the flip side is his extra curricular activities, which he is paid £1000 an hour for. He has earned over double his salary since July last year!

    I have voted for the LibDem chap who not only sits with my political ideals well is the only candidate who would make an MP. The rest ranged from eccentrics to people suited to the hidden world of local councils.

    • Thanks John. I’m very pleased to hear from you. I lived next door to you in David Cameron’s constituency for 5 years, & felt much the same about him as you seem to about Baldry. Never voted for him — never would — but he did show interestin the constituency. And, I have to admit, he did agree to join the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group, at my suggestion (though whether he ever did, I’m not sure)…

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