Day 92

5.00: Well that was fun for a while, wasn’t it? Riding in a driverless, country free-wheeling down the greased slope of anarchy and free love. Now we have a Prime Minister, and the wheel’s been pulled back onto the track of fiscal responsibility and collective self-loathing. Welcome to office you pouting, porcelain penguin. Give the Queen our best.

In fact the best thing about not having a government was how entertaining it made the news coverage. Stuck for anything meaningful to say to anyone, they started picking fights. First Nick Robinson and Paddy Ashdown stripped to their pants and wrestled it out on the floor of a BBC Radio studio. Then the high point of the whole election came, when Sky’s King of the Gungans, Adam Bolton, went street style on Alastair Campbell, jabbing his finger into his chest and yelling “don’t tell me what I’m thinking.”

And that must have been disconcerting for Bolton of the Naboo, who’s spent the last thirteen years of his professional life asking Alastair Campbell what he ought to be thinking.

Anyway, it’s an odd day for news when George Osborne appears mature and considered, Alastair Campbell a model of reason and restraint, and the Daily Star makes an incisive and level-headed piece of political analysis.

6.58: That was all quite intense. I think I need to go to bed again after that. It was nothing but unrequited love, spirits, and shotguns. What a hell of a way to start the day.

I feel sort of dazed, and it doesn’t help that I’m typing this next to a picture of the Daily Star’s front page.

~ by David Thorley on May 12, 2010.

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