Day 98

5.01: I’ve given a bit of energy to religion-bashing in these posts, which, for one thing, is quite easy to do and, for another, is the sort of thing I think about at these times of the night.

Perhaps it’s time to even things up a bit. This morning I shall be rant-free and un-rabid.

Why have I woken up in such a sunny mood of Christian charity? Because of Pete Seeger, that’s why.

This is among the nicest things I’ve ever seen. It’s the most gentle, good natured protest song you’ll hear: the 91-year old champion of civil rights and cordrouy rugby tackling the crude-engorged corporate girth of BP, and grappling it to the floor, using nothing but sweetness and happy singalong charm.

“God’s counting on me. God’s counting on you,” he smiles.

Yeah, BP. Didn’t think of that did you? God’s counting on you not to clot the planet’s veins with black sludge, then pretend to fix it using robots who don’t know what they’re doing. You’re letting God down, and you’re letting Pete Seeger down, whose job it is to be winningly understated and likeable. He’s doing his bit. Pull your goddam, goddepended-on weight.

It’s such a likable song, it has two choruses. And the other one’s just as good.

“Hoping we all pull through, me and you.”

Wham. Way to point out the whole stinking system stinks like the decaying corpses of sea birds, and nauseous headache-wracked swimmers.

I’m going to put another link to it, in case you didn’t click it the first time. It’ll cheer you up I promise.

5.32: Not a good start Stuart. He’s decided it would be a good idea henceforth to do everything in a font called “Andy”. Andy does not bespeak gravitas.

6.56: Stuart seemed to calm down after the interlude with Andy, and things rolled on quite nicely after that. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if the good behaviour lasts. In other news, Pete Seeger still fizzing round my head like a cheery mosquito. Hoping we’ll all pull through, me and you.

~ by David Thorley on August 4, 2010.

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