Day 111

5.03: The other day, I was babbling on about where you go to find a nice image to sum things up & make your readers ponder. Here’s one.

It was 1944, two weeks after D-Day, and this guy, Captain Jack Tueller, was crouched like a cowering flea in a little cleft of Normandy countryside.

Jack had taken to playing his trumpet at night, but more than two dozen of his comrades had been picked off by German snipers. With a single gunman still buzzing in the hills, his commander told him not to play that evening.

But, said Jack, ‘I thought to myself, “that German sniper is as scared and as lonely as I am,” so I thought, “I’ll play his love song.”’

Now you’ll have to watch the video to hear what happens. Jack’ll make a better fist of it than me.

Rather moving isn’t it?

OK you didn’t watch it. And if you didn’t, you don’t deserve this next bit. But, I’m not the boss of you so…

In other news:

A dwarf goat was killed in a drive-by shooting in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the weekend.

The animal was identified as Maria the Nigerian dwarf goat, who was known in
the farmyard for having a loose tongue.

The haystack police had been looking into an alleged barley smuggling cartel headed up by the farmhouse cat, Mr Peters, who has not been seen for several days. Rumour has it Mr Peters fled after discovering his bailing twine telephone was bugged, and suspecting a mole.

“We would very much like to talk to Mr Peters, and would urge him to come forward,” said Sergeant Nibbles of the Doormouse Constabulary.

Mr Peters achieved notoriety in the 1980s for his part in the so-called Welly Boot Riots.

Also living on the farm are 12 chickens, four cats, a dog, and a duck known as Ronnie “Legs” McGraw.

6.53: I didn’t sleep so well and a moving slowly creakingly. This actually isn’t such a bad thing. I’m not rampaging through the draft like Tony Blair chickening out of book signings, but I am staring intensely at small parts of it, wondering if commas should be expunged or characters given hats.

~ by David Thorley on September 17, 2010.

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