Therebeforelight renatus

Let’s stop the clock at Day 113. It’s time the rules of this game changed.

As some people have noticed, I’ve been getting pretty lax at this 5am thing lately. There are a number of reasons but part of it’s to do with this book’s being pretty much finished until someone who isn’t me reads it and gives me the full cul-de-sac of things that are wrong with it.

So until, that happens, I’m going to take a break from these funny men who live below stairs in the past and cut up dead people. (They cut up dead people, I mean: I’m not going to take a break from them and cut up dead people).

Anyway, because I’m a masochist, I’m going to carry on the 5am business and write Something Else for a bit.

From a Therebeforelight reader’s point of view, all that’s going to change is that the posts will have proper titles, now instead of being chalked-off numerals like tallies on a jailhouse’s slimey wall.

From my perspective, I’m going to trough out at the literary Pick ‘n’ Mix counter for a while, hoping against hope that they don’t close down the whole Woolworths while I’m face down in cola bottles and strawberry bootlaces.

Everybody know where they stand? As you were then.

~ by David Thorley on September 27, 2010.

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