Page turning at 75mph

Would you like to gawp at a looney? Go on, this isn’t Bedlam: you can gawp like a dribbling priest at the choirstalls, and no one’s going to get locked up (not even the priest – he’ll be let off on a technicality and relocated somewhere distant).


Let’s be fair to the man for a moment. He’s travelling at 75 mph, so the youtube poster tells us, and reading a novel. But how do we know it’s a novel? Does he look like a literary type? From what I can see, he’s not wearing a black polo-neck, drinking espresso, or smoking a Gauloise. And if there’s anyone who can do those things, read a novel, and drive a car, I’d like to watch the footage – at least until the bit when they smash into the wall of the Musée des Beaux-Arts and fly through a windscreen of made of their own projected authorial self.

But no. Our man doesn’t look like that kind of a guy. He’s wearing sensible clothes, a red and white stripy shirt. That means he’s either a Pierrot clown (in which case, his car’s going to fall apart before it hits something anyway), or Wally, on his way into hiding in the pages of a Where’s book. He might even be looking for himself. And we all know that’s quicker done by car.

More likely, though, he’s not your novel-reading type at all. He might be a practical, inquisitive sort. The kind of chap who likes to find out new things and acquire new skills. The most charitable explanation I can think of is that the book he’s reading goes under the title “How to Drive a Car: Automotive Lessons for the Inquiring Mind”.

Everybody’s got to start somewhere.

~ by David Thorley on November 18, 2010.

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