On the radio

Has there ever been a more flagrant case of kettles Skyping with pots and calling them grubbers than when Andy Gray and Richard Keys suggested Sian Massey didn’t know much about football?

To find two less insightful analysts of the game, you’d have to travel back in time to an age when club-footed peasants booted a carrier bag full of frogspawn around a deserted Fine Fare carpark and ask a passing mollusc for his thoughts on Kenny Dalgleish’s rejigging of Liverpool’s formation.

Now the pair are to form a three-pronged arial assault of misogyny by joining one-time wife-basher Stan Collymore in jobs at TalkSport, the station that’s been reported to Offcom for homophobia (Bushel and Mendoza) and racism (Alan Brazil), as well as attracting controversy for having aBNP member as a DJ (Rod Lucas, who was sacked) and for saying Andre Arshavin shouldn’t be welcomed back to England after he helped promote Russia’ successful bid for the 2018 World Cup (Adrian Durham).

I’m almost tempted to start listening to that station, just for to feel for myself the moral shudder of dunking my ears in the bank-breaking river of reactionary flam that seems to spout like sewage from its shabby little corner of the dial. It must be like listening a drunken chorus of champion gurners reading aloud from the Daily Mail in the back of a taxi.

At least the Mail has these people keeping tabs on it. The only solution to the Talksport problem, I reckon, can be to set up an equally-dreadful radio station called Thoughtsport, fronted entirely by Britain’s foremost public intellectuals. Now over to the DW Stadium, where Germaine Greer and Roger Scruton will talk us through the cultural significance of Victor Moses kneeing Joey Barton in the knackers.

~ by David Thorley on February 9, 2011.

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