Welcome to the home of the future. Where tables eat mice, and clocks catch flies. We’re talking carnivorous robo-furniture, and we’re talking “aesthetics and functionality that may elicit a symbiotic co-existence with people in their homes.”

I really hope people don’t talk like that in the future. But welcome all the same.

Watch that. Now let me paraphrase.

They’re proposing to turn your home into The Matrix of Pest Control. The robots will eat “flying insects and rodents” (apparently crawling rodents escape due to some sort of administrative loophople), they will turn this “organic matter” into electricity, making them “participants in a domestic game of life with a human audience looking on.”


I’ve played the Game of Life. You got to get married, produce children, buy speedboats, and move to a tax haven with your concubine. There was no part of the game that involved enslaving bluebottles to fuel an electrical wheel of destruction aimed at the annihilation of all of their kind.

“Ultimately this project is an exploration: an alternative take and exploration into what we might expect and how we might live with domestic robots in the future.”

Self-propagating housefly genocide is all we can expect from domestic robots?

Not a magimix that can parse Greek literature? No hoovers that play the french horn? Not a hatstand that greets you with light banter as it helps you out of your mac?

Not even a sandwich?

~ by David Thorley on February 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “Robo-rentokill”

  1. You think that vermin-powered robots are scary?

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