Surfin like the Wolf

The other week Duran Duran played a gig and David Lynch directed a video of one of the songs. Here it is, surprisingly conventional, and quite free of the Lynchian dwarves, sex fiends, clowns, maniacs, perverts, psychopaths, and psychotics that you might expect.

But it’s David Lynch and Duran Duran, so why quibble?

Also it gives us the excuse to watch something significantly more fucked-up. Here’s the video from Duran Duran’s always-popular Hungry Like the Wolf. Or, as it might as well be titled, “Indiana Jones Goes Native with a Cat Woman.” Cue music.

I enjoy the way they set the scene in the first few bars. South Asian city. Impoverished child. Snake charmer. Women in veils. Quasi-military policemen. New Romantics crossing the road with their shirts unbuttoned.

Quick change, and Simon Le Bon’s got a pith helmet. Is he really? He can’t be? But he is. He’s going out to hunt a woman that looks like Grace Jones and lives in the jungle.

Come hell or high water, in canoes and over rope bridges, sometimes breaking into a jog, he going chase her down, smear on some zig-zaggy make up, and lunge at her teeth first.

Then, after a bit of rough and tumble in a leafy glade, he’s going to head back to town and tell his friends about it in a cafe.

All this was directed, in case anyone’s wondering, by Russel Mulchay, who was responsible for the Highlander films, and — in a delightful piece of circularity — is taking charge of a new TV series based on Teenwolf. It’s going to be on US screens in June. Hopefully we can expect a 14-year-old Michael J Fox chasing a Ladywolf through a high-school, then ravaging her teeth-first while Surfin USA plays.

Which brings me to (for-some-reason-dubbed-into-Spanish):


~ by David Thorley on March 29, 2011.

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